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"WikiLeaks" Web site disclosed secret documents continue to "ferment" and lead to dissatisfaction with Russia to NATO. 9 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, the "WikiLeaks" the disclosure of NATO to the Baltic States to develop protection against a potential threat to Russia's secret program, Moscow is waiting for the NATO response.

According to Russian media reports, "WikiLeaks" website recently released secret documents show that the U.S. State Department, NATO formulated and approved the protection of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Baltic countries and Poland, against the Russian invasion plan, "guard of the Eagle", and will be next year the first exercise. Russia made a strong reaction to this. Itar-Tass quoted Lavrov as saying that Russia has been asking this to the NATO, Asics Shoes and look forward to other replies, "I think we have this power."

Lavrov said that Russia this "leak" information to be concerned for two main reasons. He said that the information revealed that the defense plans to introduce in December 2009, when the Russia - NATO Council, after a long pause after the first foreign minister-level talks are being held, decided in March 2008 between Russia and Georgia after the Caucasus crisis to break the stalemate the two sides, Restart Russia - NATO Council. "In other words, the NATO ministerial meeting in one hand, and we agreed to develop the important documents related to co-partners; on the other hand behind the decision to prepare for us."

Moreover, the NATO decision was adopted at the recent summit held in Lisbon. At the same occasion, also held in Russia - NATO Council summit, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the NATO leaders also approved important documents, these documents both in the mutual recognition of each other as partners rather than a threat, and is committed to building strategic partnership. "Our problem is that when NATO was telling the truth? Agreement in our open partnership for development time, Gucci Outlet or behind the crunching of their own some of the other things?"

Permanent representative of Russia's NATO Dmitry Rogozin said that NATO announced the cancellation of the obligation to defend the three Baltic countries and Poland, against the Russian invasion of the defense program. "How can one side said Russia as a strategic partner at the same time against the country? Or, how can withstand a strategic partner? This is a schizophrenic."

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen defended in an interview that according to NATO's policies, he does not "WikiLeaks" the disclosure of secret material to comment, but he stressed that Russia is not NATO's enemy and threat, the North nor will it pose a threat to Russia about. "Instead, we want Russia to develop a genuine strategic partnership."

Analysts here believe that the news reflects the mistrust of NATO and Russia to prevent the heart, to just "reset" the relationship between NATO and Russia, added a number of variables, relations between the two sides once again put to the test.

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"WikiLeaks" Web site disclosed secret documents continue to "ferment" and lead to dissatisfaction with Russia to NATO.

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Asics Shoes Plan Exposure

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This article was published on 2010/12/10